Eagle Vision With Tyler Roeller

This week, we got to catch up with Team Leader & Eagle U Alum, Tyler!

  1.   Why did you become a team leader? “I became a team leader because I believe that everything taught at Eagle U will change your life. I wanted to be a part of that transformation for other young people. “
  2. What Eagle U principle do you use the most? “I use the principle of “ask” everyday. The greatest opportunities and most valued learning experiences that I have had in my life, only came because I asked for them. People miss out simply because they don’t ask for what they want. 
  3.  “What “natural laws” have made the biggest difference in your life? “The compound effect has made the biggest difference in my life. By that, I mean small daily tasks like reading and exercise. As I look back, the impact that those “little habits” have made on my life is huge. 
  4.  What advice would you give to students about success? “You will never be happy if you do things you’re not passionate about.”
  5.  What was the biggest obstacle you’ve faced and how did you conquer it?  “My biggest obstacle was learning that I couldn’t be happy doing what everyone else does. When it comes to how you will leave your impact on the world, you have to decide alone. Doing what you love everyday will make life much more enjoyable.”