Alumni Spotlight: Lesley Lentz

Lesley Lentz

Lesley Lentz first heard about Eagle U when she was 19 from her father who encouraged her to go. At the time she thought to herself “I don’t need this-I have good grades, good friends, etc…” After her first year in college and a traumatic event, her GPA dropped from a 3.5 to a 0.5. In her own words she says that she “decided to stop showing up for life”. After making the decision to leave college for the time being, she decided to give Eagle U a chance…

First Impressions:

Lesley walked into Eagle U like most students do–without knowing anyone  and not knowing what to expect. She says that she never felt like she was in the back of the room and that the attention she received made her feel special. She felt like each presenter was speaking directly to her.
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Lessons Learned:

Lesley’s favorite topic from Eagle U is the Law of Attraction. “What you are seeking is seeking you!” For this reason, Lesley sits with her vision board to the left of her office desk so she can see her goals all day long. Put simply, Lesley says, “IT. WORKS.” She also believes very strongly in having a 10 mentality and the importance of surrounding yourself with positive self talk. To this day she encircles herself with positive self talk around her house with notes and reminders. 

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Favorite Memory & Quote:

Lesley’s favorite Eagle U memory is the friends she gained. She says she has friends from coast to coast and loves how she has a community outside of her regular life. A particular quote that sticks out in Lesley’s mind is “People will forget what you said but they will never forget how you make them feel”. This taught her the importance of being genuine and sincere with the people that she has met throughout her life.
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Where is she now?

After attending Eagle U Lesley was motivated and confident in her ability to succeed in school. She gave college another shot and earned a 4.0 her first semester, and graduated in three years with honors-all while working two jobs! One of the most valuable things Lesley learned from Eagle U is the power of ASKING. Fast-forward a few years later and she landed a job at Edward Jones. When her husband got a job offer in another state, Lesley didn’t hesitate to ask her employer if she could work remotely. The company was great at accommodating her not only because she asked, but also because of her hard work ethic. Lesley says that she has been able to achieve the “stress free life at work” she has always wanted by just asking! Lesley now lives in North Carolina with her husband and 15 month old daughter, loves her job, and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.