5 Reasons To Get To Know Your Professors

At Eagle University, we teach you how to work smart. As September ends and you get acclimated to your new class schedule, we recommend you take the time to get to know your professors and here’s why:

5 Reasons to Get to Know Your Professors


  1. Build up your brag book with letters of recommendation. When I was in school, one of my professors told me that only 2 out of every 200 students attend office hours. Although it was staggering, that percentage was music to my ears. It meant that just by studying in the right location, I could stand out from the rest of the class. By doing so, I was able to build up my brag book with letters of recommendation at the end of every semester. Teachers LOVE to HELP students that are INTERESTED!
  2. Access to extra scholarships. Most universities offer scholarships each year that are based solely on professor recommendation. By getting to know your professor & being INTERESTED you’ll be a stand out candidate for extra cash towards your degree. Additionally, if you hear about a scholarship like this, it never hurts to just ASK for it! Be sure to communicate with your professors about your goals too!
  3. Practice networking like an adult. The professor/student relationship is one that should be professional and intentional. This is an awesome opportunity to start practicing interviewing for information. It might also be your first relationship with someone on a professional level. The skills taught for mentor roundtable day at Eagle U, directly apply to the way you should present yourself  and act with your professors. REMEMBER: Many professors were not always professors. You never know who they know or what else they’re involved in. Have your “elevator speech” ready! (7 second “commercial about what you’re doing now, and where you’re headed next.)
  4.  Have motivation to do well in the class! If you get to know the professor, you’ll have accountability to do better in the class. I recommend getting to know the professor especially if you have little interest in the class. I found that if the professor knew me by name, I was less likely to skip class or scroll through Twitter during boring lectures because I knew they’d call me out on it! In the long run, that accountability was crucial for my GPA to keep my scholarships. It was a guardrail I set to keep myself on course and I recommend you do the same!
  5. Some professors make great mentors. Especially as you begin to take upper level courses, your professors will have direct experience and connections with the job you’re pursuing. Since you’re an Eagle U Alum and you already have your goal in mind, be sure to share it with your professors and ASK for help. Remember that like all mentors, professors are busy and it’s a relationship that takes time. Therefore, you need to take the first step in the process! Attend office hours, ask questions, or stay a few minutes after class. These little decisions will give you a slight edge that will completely set you apart at the end of your college career!

Now over to YOU eagles! Do you have any advice for getting to know your professors? How have your professors helped you get ahead? Can you think of other reasons to get to know them?  Thanks for reading! 


This is a guest post by Eagle University’s social media rep, Madison Lanz. She attended Biola University and studied communications with a minor in Biblical Studies. She now works as a lifestyle blogger and social media guru in California. Read more here.

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