Don’t be a Prisoner to Time!

Are you craving MORE FUN in your life? Do you wish you had more time to start your new blog or watch football with friends? Do you simply want to spend LESS time working on the stuff you DON’T WANT to do? If you’re like most people I know, the answer to all these questions is a big fat YES!!

In high school, it seemed like I had too many scheduled activities. I felt like I had no time to do the extra things I wanted to do. From sports practice & dress rehearsals to club meetings and homework, my schedule felt too full for anything else, especially the stuff I wanted to do like catching a movie with my friends or trying out that new yoga studio.

I thought to myself, “There has to be a way to do what I want AND still do what I need to do…right? “

My mentors at Eagle U opened my eyes to a SIMPLE way to do just that…WRITE IT ALL DOWN:

List all the hours of the day as TIME BLOCKS.
PRIORITIZE what needs to get done that day.
SCHEDULE EVERYTHING you have TO DO in those time blocks.
Once you write down what you have to do, you will INSTANTLY see the OPPORTUNITIES in your day for doing what you WANT to do, too (I promise, it works!).

As Eagles we “do what we ought to do, when we ought to do it”, but we also make time for what we WANT to do! OLYMPIC ATHLETES & ENTREPRENEURS don’t succeed by feeling trapped in time. They use their time wisely to do what they ought to do to make time for what they want to do, too! It’s all about PRIORITIZING and WRITING IT DOWN.

There are millions of RESOURCES online for time management, from digital planners to iPhone apps. All you really need, though, is a piece of paper and a pen! Find what works for you and RUN WITH IT!

Take 10-15 MINUTES each day to SCHEDULE out the next 24 hours. You will be amazed at how much MORE you can get done in one day, and still have time for WHAT YOU WANT!


TIME = LIFE.  Therefore, WASTE your TIME and WASTE your LIFE, or MASTER your TIME and MASTER your LIFE

– Alan Lakein