The Law Of Attraction in Action

What do you want to be doing in life? What makes you move and gives you energy?

In order to get MORE of what we WANT and LESS of what we DON’T WANT, we need to be observant of what is around us.  Leaders maximize resources.  They look at what’s around them to figure out where they can find more of the “good” stuff that they want in their lives.  Then, they FOCUS on attracting it!

Remember, the Law of Attraction never fails!  What we focus on expands.  Where our energy goes, we go!

We must continue to put forth energy and action towards continuously improving ourselves. Leaders don’t believe in limited resources.  They believe in maximizing whatever resources are available.  A leader is constantly learning and constantly attracting more of what he or she wants into his or her life.

What are you attracting into your life RIGHT NOW? Does it align with the leader you want to become?

-Contributor: Eagle U Alum, John Carney