Are You Oscars-Worthy?

The Oscars, the red carpet, the flashing lights, the awards, the dresses, the winners.

What does it take to be an Oscars winner?

During his acceptance speech for Best Actor, Matthew McConaughey’s said that his “HERO” was him in 10 years. Matthew McConaughey saw who he wanted to be in the future and made the decisions that would get him there. So, who do YOU want to be in a month, three months, a year, or ten years? How do you plan to get there?


Your top 20 list is an action plan for your goals. The top 20 list is based on a research study done by Dominican University on goal setting. The results of the study were that 70 percent of the participants who sent weekly updates to a friend reported successful goal achievement compared to the 35 percent of those who kept their goals to themselves, without writing them down.

The objective of the top 20 list is to write down your goals and find a friend, mentor, or family member to report your weekly progress.


IDEA/GOAL FIrst Step/Action
Get straight A’s Put my phone in a “parking spot” while studying so I can focus
Manage my time wisely Spend 10 minutes every morning planning my day
Make Eagle friends! Talk to a new person everyday and make them feel important
Become a leader Read a “self-help” book every month
Build my professional network Interview a mentor every week.

The Top 20 list gives you the action plan to accomplish your goals and get you on your way to becoming your own HERO.

Action Item:

Identify & ASK someone to hold you accountable for your TOP 20 LIST!

Alumni Spotlight: Brittany DiCello

Here at Eagle U, we decided that it would be fun to interview some of our Eagle U alumni to find out where they are, what they are doing, and what they have accomplished!

And so without further ado we would like to introduce,

Brittany DiCello432668cb-621e-4560-8e79-8f44557dc521

Brittany was born and raised in North Carolina and is happily married and has dog named Winston. She attended High Point University and graduated with a degree in Human Relations. She came to Eagle U at the age of 15 after learning about the program through her days as Miss North Carolina Teen. After coming to a few more sessions she then became an Eagle U team leader. Over the years, Brittany said that she had attended somewhere between 15 to 20 programs! When she first attended Eagle U, she said that she didn’t know what to expect, but after the first session she decided she was hooked! One of the most valuable things Brittany learned was to have a “recess attitude”, meaning, keep learning, raise your hand when no one else does, and always ASK questions.

EaIMG_2193-1gle U Applied:

Brittany recently started her own consulting company called The Finishing Touch, where she teaches the skills she learned at Eagle U to her beauty pageant clients. She even has each of her clients make “vision boards” of all of their goals! Brittany works hard to ingrain the same networking, interviewing, goal setting, self-discovery, and positive self-talk skills that she learned years ago from Eagle U into the minds of the girls she coaches.

Favorite Eagle U Quote:


Brittany emphasized the impact this quote has had on her life not only as a teenager, but also throughout adulthood. She says that hearing this as a 15 year old young girl made her think about the types of friends she had and the kinds of people she wanted to hang out with in order to accomplish her goals.n682744612_295896_2049

BEST Eagle U Memory:

One of Brittany’s favorite activities from Eagle U was the game “Bigger or Better” where her team was given a paperclip and they had to go around and practice ASKING people for something “bigger or better” than what they had. She was proud to say that her team ended up with an entire living room by the time they were done!

IMG_2206Eagle U Advice:

Brittany’s advice to anyone planning on attending Eagle U  is to have an open mind and be ready to learn!IMG_2202-1