Forget Your Resume! Get Others to BRAG About YOU!

As Eagles, we DON’T DO what EVERYONE else is DOING.  Instead, we find ways to STAND OUT from the competition.  Sure, most everyone has a resume listing their activities, G.P.A.’s, internships, etc.  What if we were to go a STEP FURTHER, though?

BRAG BOOKS allow SOMEONE or something else to BRAG about you, your ACCOMPLISHMENTS, and the qualities that make youEXTRAORDINARY!

In college, I wanted to be part of the ENTREPRENEURSHIP program on campus.  I knew it was difficult to get into and EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE once accepted.  I needed to SHINE in my interview and STAND OUT amongst my peers.  So, what did I do? I touched up my BRAG BOOK and brought it along!

I chose not to use my entire brag book because a lot of the information was irrelevant for this particular interview.  Sometimes it’s helpful to haveMULTIPLE COPIES of your brag book that you can CUSTOMIZE for certain jobs, internships, colleges, programs, etc.  I took certain pages, MADE COPIES of them, and then CREATED other pieces that pertained to my entrepreneurial CAPABILITIES.  I made sure that the THEME of my brag book reflected the idea of ENTREPRENEURSHIP and its role in my life.  

I took my BRAG BOOK, along with my resume, to my INTERVIEW.  Immediately, the interviewer asked for my resume.  I handed it to her and mentioned that I also brought a portfolio along to give a better feel forWHO I AM as a person.  As Eagles, we know that everyone brings a resume, and to STAND OUT we have to take the EXTRA STEP.

She took the book and started flipping through, and before I knew it, I CONTROLLED the INTERVIEW.  I talked her through the book and the experiences I had highlighted.  Best of all, she got to know ME, not just by what I said about myself on a resume, but by what OTHERS had to say about my ACCOMPLISHMENTS through my BRAG BOOK.

Once someone sees how EXCITED others are about you, they become EXCITED about you, too!

This is why brag books are so POWERFUL.  You get to DRIVE your INTERVIEW and DIVE DEEPER than what is simply stated on your resume.

Want to STAND OUT?  Use your BRAG BOOK (or get started on one!) TODAY.      

People believe more what they hear about you than what they hear from you!


Special “Eagle” Contributors: Annie and JohnCarneyMinnesota born and raised, John and Annie Carneyare siblings focused on their own SUCCESS and the success of everyone around them.  These two EAGLES are using their determination to change the world, one day at a time.  You can follow them at

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