Get ANYTHING you want out of life…

Set Your Life Direction

Learn the 3 biggest mistakes people make when deciding on a college or career and how to avoid them.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Learn how to turn weaknesses into your most powerful competitive advantage.

Succeed at Everything

Find out about the one powerful tool that every successful person has, uses and swears by.

Set Your

Learn proven test-taking strategies for higher test scores, reduced study time, and a higher G.P.A.

For high school and college age students.

*Must be at least 15 years old to attend.

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Why Eagle U? An Important Message from the Sponsors

Dr. Wayne and Mrs. Sue Mortensen

During the Eagle U program, participants get a 7 year jump-start on life. Students entering high school through college age build self-confidence, motivation, and direction. Participants will find mentors that give them inspiration, wisdom, and new ways to develop a direction in life and be successful. Participants will also learn life lessons at the hands of those who have actually proven, by their performance, the success of the principles that they teach. At Eagle U, participants will define their goals and discover the tools to reach them.

The eagle has always symbolized independence, strength and focused direction. When you emerge from Eagle U, you’ll have the opportunity to be all of these things as you follow the systems you will be given. They are common sense systems, but not commonly practiced. To be extraordinary, you don’t do ordinary things that ordinary people do.

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